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Santa Claus (Japanese: サンタクロース Santa Claus) is a character appearing in Pokémon: Indigo League.


Season 1: Indigo League

Santa Claus gives good children presents they write on their lists. When his Jynx came to get Jessie's doll to repair it, Jessie swore revenge, mistakenly thinking Jynx stole the doll. This prevented Santa from returning it since Jessie had become naughty. Santa was tied up, even if Jynx brought her the repaired doll. However, his Jynx used Psywave and defeated Team Rocket. When the night came, Santa flew away in his sled to complete his quest to bring the children presents and joy.

Season SP: Chronicles

When the heroes came to the cottage Professor Oak instructed them to be for Christmas time, they saw their Pokémon celebrating. It is then when Santa flew up in the sky with on his sledge with Ponyta.

In Johto, Delibird lost its presents, but managed to retrieve them with the help of the other Pokémon. Delibird bid the Pokémon farewell and went off on Santa's sledges, pulled by a Stantler.


On hand

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Pokémon Information
Santa Claus' Jynx
Jynx was separated from Santa when cleaning his boot near the edge of the ice. A piece of ice which Jynx was standing on broke off and floated away, carrying Jynx with it. Ash Misty and Brock returned the Jynx to him, as well as the boot.
Pokémon Information
Santa Claus' Lapras
Lapras safely guided Ash to the place where Santa lives. It can communicate with humans using telepathy.
Pokémon Information
Santa Claus' Ponyta
Ponyta pulls the sleigh when Santa travels to give good children their presents.
Pokémon Information
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Delibird was getting presents ready for Christmas delivery when Ash's Totodile knocked it out with a large snowball and all its presents got spread around a large area. With the help of all the Pokémon, Santa's Delibird was able to retrieve all the missing presents in time for Christmas delivery.
Pokémon Information
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Stantler was seen pulling Santa's sled on Christmas. This Stantler is different than most as it has the ability to fly.

Episode appearances

Indigo League

EP# Title
OVA001 Holiday Hi-Jynx


EP# Title
PC004 Delibird's Dilemma
PC025 Christmas Night
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