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Sand Force (Japanese: すなのちから Sand Strength) is an ability that was first introduced in the Generation V games Pokémon Black and White. Sand Force increases the power of Ground-type, Rock-type and Steel-type moves by 33% when in a Sandstorm.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#050 Diglett 050 Type Ground Dream World
#051 Dugtrio 051 Type Ground Dream World
#299 Nosepass 299 Type Rock Dream World
#422 Shellos 422422B Type Water Dream World
#423 Gastrodon 423423B Type WaterType Ground Dream World
#449 Hippopotas 449 Type Ground Dream World
#450 Hippowdon 450 Type Ground Dream World
#476 Probopass 476 Type RockType Steel Dream World
#524 Roggenrola 524 Type Rock Dream World
#525 Boldore 525 Type Rock Dream World
#526 Gigalith 526 Type Rock Dream World
#529 Drilbur 529 Type Ground Natural
#530 Excadrill 530 Type GroundType Steel Natural
#645 Landorus 645 Type GroundType Flying Natural
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