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You were able to handle your Butterfree so well, just after it evolved. Most impressive.

–Samurai complimenting Ash about his new Butterfree.

Samurai is a character appearing in Pokémon: Indigo League.



Season 1: Indigo League

Samurai without his armor

Samurai without his armor.

He met and challenges Ash to a Pokémon match in the Viridian Forest, using his Pinsir and Metapod. His Pinsir is defeated by Ash's Metapod but their match is, after a long stand off between the two Metapod, abandoned when a swarm of Beedrill attack and steal Ash's Metapod. Samurai initially views Ash as an novice trainer, especially in comparison to the other trainers from Pallet Town (including Gary Oak). His opinion, however, changes when he sees Ash competently handle his Butterfree to defeat a swarm of attacking Beedrill, stating that he is the novice of the two.

Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands

Gary and Samurai

The samurai, in the opening scene of Adventures on the Orange Islands

Samurai appeared in the opening scene of Adventures on the Orange Islands season, but he did not appear in any of the episodes.


The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Main article: Samurai (ETP)


On hand

Pokémon Information
Samurai's Pinsir
Pinsir was a huge bug Pokémon that was scary. Ash thought he had the edge with his Pidgeotto but Pinsir knocked it out in one blow. It tried to win the battle with Metapod but after it used Harden, the spikes on its horns broke.
Pokémon Information
Samurai's Metapod
Samurai used his own Metapod to battle Ash's Metapod which was long and dull since both Metapod only know Harden.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
IL004 Challenge of the Samurai


  • Samurai's hat resembles Empoleon's horns, although with the middle horn missing.
  • The Japanese name of the episode is Challenge of the Samurai Boy, suggesting that his name is not actually samurai.
  • Samurai is the first minor character in the entire Pokémon anime.
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