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For the variant appearing in the games, see Samson Oak.

Samson Oak is a character appearing in Sun & Moon.


Samson is a tall man, who resembles Professor Oak; he has long grey hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. He wears a short-sleeved teal collared shirt, which is decorated with blue Wishiwashi and a white stripe. He also wears white shorts and blue flip-flops, as well as a watch on his left hand.


Although he is a principal, Samson makes silly Pokémon-based puns to describe a certain experience.


Season 20: Sun and Moon

Samson Oak took Delia's egg, which she delivered from Professor Oak. Just as they went out of the room, Mallow introduced him to Ash. Samson exclaimed the importance of people living with Pokémon in peace and happiness. Before he left, he made some impressions of Pokémon, which left Ash and Mallow bewildered by his puns. Samson contacted Samuel (Professor Oak) and informed him the egg was delivered. He also let Mallow show Ash around the school.[1] The next day, Samson gave a lecture to his students. He showed an Exeggutor, who, in Alola, was much taller and its type was Grass and Dragon, rather than ones found in Kanto, whose type was Grass and Psychic. Ash went to touch Exeggutor, but was knocked away by its tail. Despite that, Samson exclaimed what a good experience that was for everyone. Later, Samson watched Ash and Kiawe racing. He wondered if Professor Kukui was involved in the surprise party the students made for Ash. Kukui confirmed this, as he made Ash's fifth surprise.[2]

Once Ash obtained the Rotom Pokédex, Samson was interested in the device. Ash introduced Rotom to Samson, who made impressions of Golduck and Arbok. Rotom was confused and couldn't understand his meaning and was told Samson made some Pokémon puns when he introduced himself. Rotom understood and it also made some puns, which excited Samson Rotom could also do that, thinking he would get along with it.[3] Samson called the class for a special assignment. He showed two eggs, one of which Ash delivered days ago, while the other was from Mount Lanakila. He asked of the class to choose one of the eggs to take care of, while he would nurse the other one. Mallow had Lillie decide, who chose the blue egg with flower patterns. Samson was delightened and dismissed the class.[4]


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