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The Salveyo Weed shown on the Pokédex

Salveyo Weed is a special weed in the Pokémon World found at the bottom of lakes that can cure those afflicted by a Stun Spore attack. It can only be found by Poliwag.


In The Stun Spore Detour, Ash Ketchum and Tracey Sketchit are made I'll by inhaling the Stun Spore or a Vileplume that was acting in self-defense over an accident, and Misty has to find Salveyo Weed to cure them, but only a Poliwag knows where to find them.

At around the same time, Jessie is also afflicted by Stun Spore and James and Meowth have to find the same weed to cure her, too.

Misty manages to find a Poliwag and it leads her to the Salveyo Weed and after a minor battle with James and Meowth, leaves them with some of the weed to help Jessie.

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