For the variant appearing in the games, see Salon Maiden Anabel.

Salon Maiden Anabel is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier in the Hoenn region.


Anabel is small and slender. She has quite short, shiny, violet coloured hair, purple eyes with small eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She wears a long sleeved lilac shirt with a large white collar edged with gold, thin gold cuffs and a white front with gold buttons and edging, as well as slim fit trousers that are violet at the top and darker purple at the bottom, with a jagged pattern around the knee area separating the two colours. On her feet she wears white ankle socks and black Mary-Jane shoes.


Anabel has a calm personality and acts as the leader of the Frontier Brains, giving orders to the other Frontier Brains when Scott isn't around to make sure that the Battle Frontier will be a success. She believes in challenger's talent that gives them a victory. Anabel is also intelligent and wise when dealing with situations, for she did see the truth in Emerald's words about Jirachi and how he needed to capture it before Guile did.


Scott searched for several trainers to work at the Battle Frontier, where many strong trainers would come to challenge the Frontier Brains. Anabel was one of such trainers that came to the Battle Frontier.[1]

Emerald arc


Anabel with the other Frontier Brains.

Scott mentioned Anabel to Pyramid King Brandon, telling Brandon that Anabel had caught Raikou in the Johto region and was going to return soon.[2] Anabel was present at the opening ceremony of the Battle Frontier with her Raikou and she told Factory Head Noland that he shouldn't doubt Palace Maven Spenser's spirit and Pike Queen Lucy's luck since those two were battling against an Electrode and a Swalot. Brandon confirmed her words and Noland then stated that he would trust Anabel's judgement. After the battle, Scott told the audience about the seven facilities and introduced the seven Frontier Brains that were leading those facilities.[3] After Emerald disturbed the opening ceremony, the Frontier Brains started to question him, wanting to know why he was here. Seeing the news that stated there was a trainer going to conquer the Battle Frontier, Anabel asked Scott what they should do since they can't really confiscate his Frontier Pass or else the media would be displeased if Emerald wasn't going to challenge the Battle Frontier. Lucy then stated that they should Emerald a change to defeat all of them in seven days, which resulted in Anabel asking Scott if it was okay. Scott stated that it was a great idea and ran off to contact the media, displeasing Anabel and the other Frontier Brains.[4]

EM011 12

Anabel questioning Emerald on where he got his Sceptile from.

Anabel watched the battle between Noland and Emerald when Emerald was able to calm his Sceptile down. Anabel saw that Noland's Glalie was defeated by Emerald's Sceptile and she walked away from the stands she was on when Emerald defeated Noland, thus earning his first Symbol.[5] Anabel was seen at Noland's bed side with the other Frontier Brains, excluding Brandon, after he got attacked by someone in his facility. The other Frontier Brains started to blame the reporter, thinking he was the one who attacked Noland, and Anabel shouted out everyone, silencing the others. Anabel stated that Scott had left her some instructions, the first being that the demonstration battle would continue or else they would have to explain the media why they cancelled it and that could result in the criminal attacking more people due to the confusion. Anabel then told the second instruction Scott left her, which was that they, the Frontier Brains, should do everything to capture the criminal before the opening of the Battle Frontier.[6] The other Frontier Brains appeared when Emerald was able to win the Brave Symbol from Brandon and Anabel demanded Emerald to answer where he got his Sceptile from. Anabel then stated if Emerald wanted to prove his innocence, he had to tell them everything he knew and Emerald agreed, showing his Pokédex which had the entry of Jirachi registered.[7]

EM013 8

Anabel confronting Guile Hideout with Raikou.

The Frontier Brains followed Emerald on the sea with Anabel on Lucy's Milotic's back. Looking back when Emerald showed Jirachi on his Pokédex, the other Frontier Brains thought Emerald made it up but Anabel stopped them, saying that she had heard of Jirachi. Anabel told them that Jirachi is a Pokémon who would wake up each 1000 years and that it could grant three wishes. Dome Ace Tucker didn't believe her but Spenser stated that if he didn't believe it, it would meant that Anabel was a liar. Brandon then stated that he saw a light above the Battle Pyramid but that there was no record of Jirachi and Anabel confirmed his words. Anabel believed Emerald and the Frontier Brains then started to follow Emerald to search for Jirachi. The group arrived at the Artisan Cave and a group of Smeargle started to attack the group. The Frontier Brains used their Pokémon to battle the group of Smeargle and after defeating them, they encountered Jirachi but they heard a sound before advancing.[8] A man appeared, called Guile Hideout, and he wanted to capture Jirachi, so he used the rental Pokémon he stole from the Battle Factory, revealing that he was the one who attacked Noland, and the rental Pokémon started to attack the Frontier Brains. Anabel watched the other Frontier Brains attacking Guile Hideout and she stated to Emerald that the person who gave Emerald instructions was a considerable and experience person. Anabel then stated that it would be disastrous if Jirachi would fall in the wrong hands, claiming that the other Frontier Brains were too naive when it came to that. She sent out her Raikou and told Emerald that she would battle Guile Hideout while he went after Jirachi. Anabel confronted Guile Hideout with her Raikou, telling him that she wore the title of maiden, and said her name to Guile Hidout. She stated that as the manager of the Frontier Brains, she pronounced judgement upon him.[9]

EM014 10

Anabel saying that Scott already knew about Guile Hideout and Jirachi, asking if she was right about it.

Anabel used her Raikou's Thundershock to surround Guile Hideout, creating an electrical jail, so that Guile Hideout couldn't escape. Anabel then stated that Raikou carried its own thunderclouds and due to that it was able to use weather-based attacks, like Thunder. Guile Hideout claimed that it was a powerful attack, not knowing the Pokémon Anabel owned, and Anabel said that it was the Thunder Pokémon Raikou, a Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region who attacked him. The reporter was impressed by Anabel's strength and Anabel said that it wasn't true strength but the talent she got. Anabel and her Raikou tried to stop Guile Hideout from getting Jirachi but due to Guile Hideout's Surskit's nectar they were glued to the ground and Guile Hideout attacked them. Guile Hideout vanished after Jirachi vanished as well and the group returned to Scott. Before they went to the Battle Arena Challenge, Anabel told Scott that he already knew about Guile Hideout and Jirachi from the start, asking if she was right about it.[10] The press noticed that Anabel was discussing with Scott and to keep the attention away from them, Tucker and Arena Tycoon Greta showcased the power of their Pokémon. Anabel demanded Scott to answer the question and Scott told her that she was right in a normal way, displeasing the Frontier Brains. Scott then asked how Anabel knew and she stated that he wasn't surprised when they told him that they were going to Artisan Cave nor that he was shocked that they came back injured. Scott said to them that he hid it because he wanted to make them stronger, telling the Frontier Brains more about Jirachi. Scott later told him that it would be a great practice for Anabel, Tucker and Spenser when Emerald would challenge them. Anabel agreed with Scott and told the rest that they need to become stronger, especially when the Battle Frontier is open, and the rest agreed with her.[11]

Anabel watched how Emerald was able to defeat Greta, earning him the Guts Symbol, and she told Noland that they were sorry when they weren't able to avenge him after Noland came to them. Noland stated that they didn't have to worry about and gave them some more information he acquired when he was attacked by Guile Hideout. Noland told that Guile Hideout had a special sword and Anabel stated that he might be right as Guile Hideout was able to block their attacks and attack them with only his sword.[12] The next day, Emerald challenged Tucker for his Symbol and Anabel told Emerald that Tucker's facility, the Battle Dome, was a tournament-based facility and explained the rules of the Battle Dome to him. Anabel said that some of the participants asked if it was alright to allow so many people to participate in the tournament but she had decided it was okay as the Frontier Brains would protect all the participants since it was their responsibility. Anabel went to Tucker and wished him good luck in his battle against Emerald.[13] Anabel watched Tucker's battle against Emerald with the other Frontier Brains when she called over by Scott. Anabel then told the rest that she needed to have a meeting with Scott, so she would see them later, and left the Battle Dome with him.[14] She suddenly disappeared after her meeting with Scott and Noland started to worry about her since he wasn't able to contact her about the attacks going on in the Battle Frontier. Noland, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire later entered the Battle Tower, finding Anabel at the end of the hall, who was staring at them with lifeless eyes.[15]

EM025 6

A mind-controlled Anabel battling Emerald with her Raikou.

Anabel started to walk away and Noland tried to approach her, resulting in his Mawile protecting from Gulpin's attack, and he stated that there was something wrong with Anabel as she was not herself. While the group advanced in the Battle Tower, Noland realized that Anabel had started the Battle Tower Challenge and Guile Hideout appeared, stating that Anabel was under his control. Ruby and Sapphire later saw a photo with all the Frontier Brains and Scott together and after hearing something, they ran into the next room, where Anabel and her Raikou attacked Emerald. Ruby then claimed that Anabel was torturing Emerald's Pokémon and wanted to help Emerald but Emerald didn't want any help, stating that this battle was between him and Anabel. Anabel kept attacking Emerald and Ruby realized that Anabel wasn't the one doing this, claiming that it was the man who manipulated her. Anabel suddenly fainted and dropped to the ground and Guile Hideout stood on her, stating that Anabel wasn't able to withstand any more of his manipulation.[1] Anabel was kept hostage by Guile Hideout's Tentacruel and Guile Hideout proposed a trade to Noland, the Jirachi report for Anabel. Noland was hesitating to do the trade as he couldn't see that his friend was suffering and Tentacruel attacked Noland, taking the Jirachi report and releasing Anabel. Anabel was still unconscious when Noland came to her, claiming that it was his fault that Guile Hideout got the Jirachi report. Anabel and Noland were later carried away by Latios to avoid the rampage caused by Guile Hideout.[16]

EM035 2

Anabel thanking Emerald and giving him the Ability Symbol.

Latios mentioned that the Frontier Brains were trying to get the situation under control and Anabel was seen sitting on Spenser's Lapras.[17] Anabel was later mentioned again by Emerald when he was facing Guile Hideout, telling that the Frontier Brains were his friends, having the same goals and facing the same obstacles.[18] The Frontier Brains later appeared all together, after the rampage ended, returning to the Battle Frontier along with Scott and the reporter.[19] The Frontier Brains visited Emerald, who just woke up and was talking with the other Pokédex Holders, and she thanked Emerald for stopping the rampage and defeating Guile Hideout. She gave him the Ability Symbol, stating that he obeyed the rules of the Battle Tower even while she was controlled by Guile Hideout, and that was only appropriate to award Emerald with the Ability Symbol. Emerald then asked which date it was and Anabel told him it was the 6th of July, shocking Emerald and the reporter as the next day would be the last day of the challenge.[20]

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

ORAS017 2

Anabel shocked to see Emerald through one of Hoopa's rings.

Anabel confronted Shelly, Matt, Courtney and Tabitha along with the other Frontier Brains, asking the location of Zinnia. Anabel then heard a voice and asked if it was Lucy but she stated that it wasn't her. Anabel sees Emerald through Hoopa's ring, greeting Anabel, and asked the Frontier Brains if Sapphire was around but the Frontier Brains stated that they hadn't seen her.[21]

The Frontier Brains went to Sootopolis City, to answer the call to fight the meteorite.[22] There, the Frontier Brains had their Pokémon launch attacks, which merged with others' attacks and crushed the meteorite.[23]


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