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Region: Unova
Family: Captain (Father)
First Appearance: BW021: The Lost World of Gothitelle!
Voice actor: Eva Christensen (English)

Sallie was the Character of the Day in BW021: The Lost World of Gothitelle!, where she wanted to become a doctor. After Ash and friends met up with a Gothitelle, they found out it was Sallie's long lost friend. Her father, Captain, used to cross people with his boat to the other side of the lake, but when the bridge was built he lost his job and decide to move, breaking up Sallie and her Gothitelle. Some years later Sallie went back to the town when she met again Gothitelle and stopped it from haunting the Skyarrow Bridge.


Pokémon Information
Gothitelle was Sallie's best friend until the day when the Skyarrow Bridge was built and Sallie should moved out so that her father could find a new job. For that reason Gothitelle started to haunt the Skyarrow Bridge until Sallie met her again.
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