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[[Category:Character Pokémon]]
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Sakura's Espeon
Sakura's Eifie
Trainer: Sakura
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Trouble's Brewing
Episode captured: Prior to Trouble's Brewing
Caught where: Johto
Current location: With Sakura
Evolves In: Prior to Espeon, Not Included
Sakura's Espeon first appeared as an Eevee in the episode, Trouble's Brewing. Sakura and her Eevee appeared very close, though not the strongest battler, after nearly being beaten by James' Victreebel, and captured by Team Rocket.

It appeared later in the saga, after evolving into an Espeon sometime in between. It appeared to have grown a lot, not only in size, but as well as in battling experience. It had also learned quite a few new moves now that it had evolved, such as Psybeam and Swift.

Moves Used

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For more information please see the pages Eevee and Espeon.

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