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Safari Land is an anime location in Pokémon: Indigo League. It lies between Fuchsia City and the Safari Zone.


There are several Pokémon habitated in the Safari Land and the ranch of Lara Laramie's family lies in it. The Pokémon are bred and raised in the Safari Land quitely, meaning that no Pokémon can be caught in the Safari Land as it is forbidden.

Ash Ketchum and his friends arrived here and Ash thought that they were in the Safari Zone. With that in mind, Ash wanted to catch a Tauros but a Growlithe stopped him from doing that. Lara Laremie appeared as well and said that he can't catch any Pokémon her because it wasn't allowed. Ash and his friends then made clear to Lara that it was a misunderstanding what Ash did and that weren't here to cause any harm to the land. Lara believed them and gave them a tour through the Safari Land, also seeing several Pokémon who lived here in the Safari Land.

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