Night of a Thousand Poses! (ゼンリョクポーズでお泊まり会! A Full-Powered Pose Sleepover!) is the 5th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures.


A sleepover is being held at Professor Kukui's house. Everyone has an energetic sleepover where they all play games and eat together. But that night, after everyone has gone to sleep, Lillie ends up sneaking out of the house and goes off somewhere.

Episode Plot

Lillie eats some lunch, and pets Snowy. However, her face turns grim, questioning why Hobbes is filming her with the camera. Hobbes pretends not to be there, and asks Lillie to give a smile. Lillie only blocks his camera, and asks for the meaning of this. Later, Lillie contacts her mother, who refers to her daughter as "her baby". Lillie is furious, demanding Lusamine does not force Hobbes do weird stuff like filming her. Lusamine wishes to see Lillie interact with Pokémon, though Lillie claims she should at least visit. Before Lillie can continue, Lusamine gets a call. Lillie becomes angry, pointing out Lusamine's work is more important than her daughter, and turns off the TV. Lillie leaves the room, while Lusamine sighs.

At Kukui's house, Burnet analyzes Nebby, while Kukui and Ash watch. Burnet finishes her analysis, and praises Nebby for behaving well. Ash notes Nebby has grown attached to Burnet, who rewards Nebby with sugar stars. Suddenly, the doorbell is rang, as Ash is greeted by his classmates. Burnet greets others, telling them she came to checkup Nebby. Ash thinks Burnet should join them in the sleepover. Kukui thinks Burnet is quite busy, who sees she has some free time, and decides to join them in. While everyone enters, Burnet wonders when was the last time she had a sleepover. Kukui apologizes to Burnet for being dragged into this, who does not mind this at all. Lana admires the aquarium, while Sophocles notices Ash is sleeping on the loft. Everyone wants to sleep there, making Ash think they should have a contest to decide who will sleep up there.

Nebby joins them, and Ash believes it wants to play hide-and-seek. This gives Ash an idea to search for Nebby, and the winner gets the loft. Lana checks inside Ash's backpack and Kiawe opens the closet, yet none of them find it. Mallow finds Nebby under the table, but Nebby disappears, and Ash reminds her she needs to catch it to win. As the search continues, Snowy utters a cry. Lillie moves her hat from the table, and Nebby leaps into her arms, who screams out. With Nebby found, Mallow, Lillie and Lana take the loft, seeing it is like a Secret Base. Burnet proposes another game, in which everyone joins in. Everyone stands in front of Rotom, who spins its dials, revealing Grass, Water, Water. This causes everyone to repeat the Z-Move pose of Grass, Water and Water Z-Move. The Pokémon join in, as Rotom spins twice.

Lana and Sophocles messed up, and are out of the game. Rotom spins some more dials, and declares three times Grass. Ash waves its hands, but is out, since he did not declare "Bloom Doom" when three dials are of the same type. Rotom increases the pacing, and other contestants step up at the quick reaction. When Rotom spins at three Fire dials, everyone declares "Inferno Overdrive". However, Kiawe got caught up too much in the moment, and declares Turtonator to use Inferno Overdrive. This causes everyone but Kiawe and Turtonator to get burnt, who apologize, and Nebby smiles at them. As everyone cleans themselves up, Burnet brushes Lillie's hair. Burnet decides to make dinner, despite being a guest, else she'd be indebted to them. Mallow, Ash and Lillie join in to help, while others go to clean up the room.

Mallow cooks the food, while Ash makes the salad. Burnet notices Lillie is cutting the vegetables, and advises her to keep her hand closed. Lillie remembers her mother also taught that, and becomes sad when mentioning that. Kukui, Lana, Sophocles and Kiawe have cleaned up the room. Since Burnet and others need more time for cooking, Sophocles turns on the TV to watch a show about Professor Oak's poems. Rotom turns on to the Alola Detective Lucky show, surprising Sophocles, while Lana turns to a fishing channel, before Kiawe turns to PokéBase. They grab the remote, and argue which program to watch. Suddenly, they notice Oluolu playing PokéBase, and Burnet's Munchlax becomes excited to see his Snorlax. Oluolu hits the baseball, exciting others, who watch the program. In addition, Snorlax uses Pulverizing Pancake, passing by other players, thrilling the group.

At the end of the PokéBase match, Burnet and others finished the dinner. Ash brags about his croquette sandwiches, while Mallow compliments Lillie for making the soup. Before they can eat, Munchlax passes by the dishes and eats all of them. The class waits for Kukui and Burnet to come from shopping. Ash gives Nebby some sugar stars, and Sophocles wishes some, too. Lillie notices Litten and Lycanroc leaving the house. The two are at the beach, and start clashing with each other, for training. The class watches, and Ash admits this was even when Lycanroc was a Rockruff. Kiawe encourages Turtonator and Marowak to train as well, and others decide to continue their training from Kanto, at least to take their minds off from hunger. Kukui and Burnet return from shopping, and the latter apologizes for the incident. Kukui replies she is just helping out. Burnet notes the children are behaving well, and thanks Kukui, since this all reminded her about her childhood.

At Kukui's house, Burnet made the dinner, amazing everyone. She apologizes for waiting, but Ash does not mind, since they all were training. Everyone eats the food, while Munchlax is sleeping. Later, while Kukui and Burnet talk at the lab, the boys, at their sleeping bags, comment how great the day was. The girls comment how nice Burnet is, like a mother. Kiawe comments his mother is a lot scarier than Burnet is, but Ash and Mallow do like the food from his farm. Ash is also amazed by Sophocles' malasada, though Sophocles has grown tired of eating them. Lana confirms this, thinking that is all what they will get when they admit how that kind of food is great. Mallow scolds them for not taking the chefs into consideration, though Lillie is troubled and does not comment. In the middle of the night, Lillie wakes up and leaves her doll at her sleeping bag, while Burnet noticed this.

Outside, Lillie thinks of her mother and brother, with the former even teaching her how to cook. Burnet appears, commenting how hearing the waves calms down one's soul. Lillie explains she was thinking of certain things. She admits she argued with her mother this morning, as Lusamine irritated her. Lillie notices Lusamine only cares about herself, and wonders how did this happen. Burnet believes Lusamine still cares about Lillie, despite being busy all the time. She remembers Lusamine even examined some of her family pictures with her children. Burnet believes she wants to be with Lillie and Gladion, and advises of Lillie to talk to her with respect next time. Lillie understands, and promises that.

The next day, the class leaves Kukui's house, with Ash accompanying them. He thinks of having another sleepover, and Sophocles invites them to his house. Lillie thinks of last night's talk with Burnet, and wishes to speak to Gladion. Nebby touches her, teleporting her to Gladion in a cave. Gladion is surprised to see her here, and Lillie wishes to speak to him. However, Gladion's Silvally jumps to her, scaring her, as she remembers an incident from a long time ago. Nebby teleports her away back to the class. Others wonder where she was, but Lillie kneels down, telling she met Gladion and a Pokémon she did not know. Snowy tries to approach her, but Lillie stops it, being afraid of Pokémon once more.

Later, Rotom practices the game. Ash eats some of the spicy food, and yells out "Water, water, fyaa!" Ash drinks some water to cool down, while Rotom repeats his words, and is confused by "fyaa".




  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" Munchlax (JP); Steenee (US).
  • The Poké Question segment asks which house does take place the sleepover party event. The correct answer is the blue answer, Kukui's house. The other answers are Kiawe's house (red), Lana's house (green), and Sophocles' house (yellow).
  • This segment was not shown in the original broadcast of the episode due to the events of the upcoming 1000th episode.


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