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Routes are places that connect the cities and towns within a regions. Wild Pokémon are most often found in them. They are also roads somewhat and they travel city-town-city. Pokémon Trainers are mostly found in these routes.

English Japanese Region Type Image


Kanto Route 1 1ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 1
Kanto Route 2 2ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 2
Kanto Route 3 3ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 3
Kanto Route 4 4ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 4
Kanto Route 5 5ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 5
Kanto Route 6 6ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 6
Kanto Route 7 7ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 7
Kanto Route 8 8ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 8
Kanto Route 9 9ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 9
Kanto Route 10 10ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 10
Kanto Route 11 11ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 11
Kanto Route 12 12ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 12
Kanto Route 13 13ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 13
Kanto Route 14 14ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 14
Kanto Route 15 15ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 15
Kanto Route 16 16ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 16
Kanto Route 17 17ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 17
Kanto Route 18 18ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 18
Kanto Route 19 19ばんすいどう Kanto Sea Kanto Route 19
Kanto Route 20 20ばんすいどう Kanto Sea Kanto Route 20
Kanto Route 21 21ばんすいどう Kanto Sea Kanto Route 21
Kanto Route 22 22ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 22
Kanto Route 23 23ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 23
Kanto Route 24 24ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 24
Kanto Route 25 25ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 25
Kanto Route 26 26ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 26
Kanto Route 27 27ばんどうろ Kanto Land n/a as of now
Kanto Route 28 28ばんどうろ Kanto Land Kanto Route 28

Sevii Islands

Treasure Beach たからのはま Sevii Islands Sea Treasure Beach
Kindle Road ほてりのみち Sevii Islands Sea Kindle Road
Cape Brink きわのみさき Sevii Islands Land Cape Brink
Three Isle Port 3のしまみなと Sevii Islands Land Three Isle Port
Bond Bridge きずなばし Sevii Islands Land Bond Bridge
Resort Gorgeous ゴージャスリゾート Sevii Islands Sea Resort Gorgeous
Water Labyrinth みずのめいろ Sevii Islands Sea Water Labyrinth
Five Isle Meadow 5のしま あきち Sevii Islands Land Five Isle Meadow
Memorial Pillar おもいでのとう Sevii Islands Sea Memorial Pillar
Outcast Island はずれのしま Sevii Islands Sea Outcast Island
Green Path みどりのさんぽみち Sevii Islands Land Green Path
Water Path みずのさんぽみち Sevii Islands Sea Water Path
Ruin Valley いせきのたに Sevii Islands Land Ruin Valley
Trainer Tower トレーナータワー Sevii Islands Sea Trainer Tower
Canyon Entrance けいこくいりぐち Sevii Islands Land Canyon Entrance
Sevault Canyon しっぽうけいこく Sevii Islands Land Sevault Canyon
Tanoby Ruins アスカナいせき Sevii Islands Sea Tanoby Ruins


Johto Route 29 29ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 29
Johto Route 30 30ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 30
Johto Route 31 31ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 31
Johto Route 32 32ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 32
Johto Route 33 33ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 33
Johto Route 34 34ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 34
Johto Route 35 35ばんどうろ Johto Land n/a as of now
Johto Route 36 36ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 36
Johto Route 37 37ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 37
Johto Route 38 38ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 38
Johto Route 39 39ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 39
Johto Route 40 40ばんすいどう Johto Sea n/a as of now
Johto Route 41 41ばんすいどう Johto Sea n/a as of now
Johto Route 42 42ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 42
Johto Route 43 43ばんどうろ Johto Land n/a as of now
Johto Route 44 44ばんどうろ Johto Land n/a as of now
Johto Route 45 45ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 45
Johto Route 46 46ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 46
Johto Route 47 47ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 47
Johto Route 48 48ばんどうろ Johto Land Johto Route 48


Hoenn Route 101 101ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 101
Hoenn Route 102 102ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Oenn Route 102
Hoenn Route 103 103ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 103
Hoenn Route 104 104ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 104
Hoenn Route 105 105ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 105
Hoenn Route 106 106ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 106
Hoenn Route 107 107ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 107
Hoenn Route 108 108ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 108
Hoenn Route 109 109ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 109
Hoenn Route 110 110ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 110
Hoenn Route 111 111ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 111
Hoenn Route 112 112ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 112
Hoenn Route 113 113ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 113
Hoenn Route 114 114ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 114
Hoenn Route 115 115ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 115
Hoenn Route 116 116ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 116
Hoenn Route 117 117ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 117
Hoenn Route 118 118ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 118
Hoenn Route 119 119ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 119
Hoenn Route 120 120ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 120
Hoenn Route 121 121ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 121
Hoenn Route 122 122ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 122
Hoenn Route 123 123ばんどうろ Hoenn Land Hoenn Route 123
Hoenn Route 124 124ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 124
Hoenn Route 125 125ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 125
Hoenn Route 126 126ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 126
Hoenn Route 127 127ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 127
Hoenn Route 128 128ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 128
Hoenn Route 129 129ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 129
Hoenn Route 130 130ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 130
Hoenn Route 131 131ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 131
Hoenn Route 132 132ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 132
Hoenn Route 133 133ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 133
Hoenn Route 134 134ばんすいどう Hoenn Sea Hoenn Route 134


Sinnoh Route 201 201ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 201
Sinnoh Route 202 202ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 202
Sinnoh Route 203 203ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 203
Sinnoh Route 204 204ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 204
Sinnoh Route 205 205ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 206 206ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 207 207ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 208 208ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Route 208
Sinnoh Route 209 209ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 209
Sinnoh Route 210 210ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 211 211ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Route211
Sinnoh Route 212 212ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 213 213ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 214 214ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 214
Sinnoh Route 215 215ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 216 216ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land 300px-Route217
Sinnoh Route 217 217ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 218 218ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 219 219ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 220 220ばんすいどう Sinnoh Sea n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 221 221ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 222 222ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land Sinnoh Route 222
Sinnoh Route 223 223ばんすいどう Sinnoh Sea n/a as of now
Sinnoh Route 224 224ばんどうろ Sinnoh Land n/a as of now

Battle Zone

Battle Zone Route 225 225ばんどうろ Battle Zone Land Route225
Battle Zone Route 226 226ばんすいどう Battle Zone Sea n/a as of now
Battle Zone Route 227 227ばんどうろ Battle Zone Land n/a as of now
Battle Zone Route 228 228ばんどうろ Battle Zone Land Route 228
Battle Zone Route 229 229ばんどうろ Battle Zone Land Sinnoh Route 229
Battle Zone Route 230 230ばんすいどう Battle Zone Sea n/a as of now


Unova Route 1 1ばんどうろ Unova Land Route 1 BW Spring
Unova Route 2 2ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 2
Unova Route 3 3ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 3
Unova Route 4 4ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 4
Unova Route 5 5ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 5
Unova Route 6 6ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 6
Unova Route 7 7ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 7
Unova Route 8 8ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 8
Unova Route 9 9ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 9
Unova Route 10 10ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 10
Unova Route 11 11ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 11
Unova Route 12 12ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 12
Unova Route 13 13ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 13
Unova Route 14 14ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 14
Unova Route 15 15ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 15
Unova Route 16 16ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 16
Unova Route 17 17ばんすいどう Unova Sea Unova Route 17
Unova Route 18 18ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 18
Unova Route 19 19ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 19
Unova Route 20 20ばんどうろ Unova Land Unova Route 20
Unova Route 21 21ばんどうろ Unova Sea No Image
Unova Route 22 22ばんどうろ Unova Land No Image
Unova Route 23 23ばんどうろ Unova Land No Image


  • Oddly, the Hoenn and Sinnoh routes do not continue directly on from the Johto route numbers. It is understandable that Unova restarts at 1, but with Hoenn and Sinnoh, it seems some of the numbers were forgotten.
  • In Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2, when walking on almost any route in the Spring time, a drum beat will acure.

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