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[[File:Type Rock.gif|link=Rock type]]  
Species Mantle Pokémon
Abilities Sturdy
Sand Force (Dream World)
None ← 524 → None
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Kalos N/A
Evolves from None
Evolves into [[Boldore]]
(ダンゴロ Dangoro)
[[Generation V]]
Evolutionary line
No evolution line
Weight Height
Pokédex color Egg group
<font color=Blue>Blue</font>
Shape Footprint
Roggenrola (Japanese: ダンゴロ Dangoro) is a Rock-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V.


Roggenrola is a roughly spherical Pokémon with a single yellow hexagonal "eye". It has a brown rock that is its ear protruding from the top of its head, and its feet are the same color. It somewhat resembles a Bob-omb from Super Mario 64.


Roggenrola evolves into Boldore at level 25, and then to Gigalith via trade.

Game info

Game locations

Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Black/White Wellspring Cave Common
Black 2/White 2 Relic Passage Common

Pokédex Entries

Pokédex Entries
Its ear is hexagonal in shape. Compressed underground, its body is as hard as steel.
They were discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure. Inside each one is an energy core.
Black 2
The hexagonal-shaped hole is its ear. It has a tendency to walk in the direction the sound is coming from.
White 2
The hexagonal-shaped hole is its ear. It has a tendency to walk in the direction the sound is coming from.
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire


Leveling Generation VI
Level Move Power Acc. PP Type Cat. Contest Cat. Appeal Jam
1 Tackle 50 100% 35 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


4 Harden - -% 30 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Status Status


7 Sand-Attack - 100% 15 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Status Status


10 Headbutt 70 100% 15 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


14 Rock Blast 25 90% 10 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Physical Physical


17 Mud-Slap 20 100% 10 [[Ground type|Ground]] [[Move#Special Special


20 Iron Defense - -% 15 [[Steel type|Steel]] [[Move#Status Status


23 Smack Down 50 100% 15 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Physical Physical


27 Rock Slide 75 90% 10 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Physical Physical


30 Stealth Rock - -% 20 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Status Status


33 Sandstorm - -% 10 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Status Status


36 Stone Edge 80 100% 5 [[Rock type|Rock]] [[Move#Physical Physical


40 Explosion 250 100% 5 [[Normal type|Normal]] [[Move#Physical Physical


Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
X Y Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Back


  • Roggenrola's name is a play on the phrase "rock and roller".
  • Roggenrola cannot be one-hit KO-ed, as it ends up with 1HP due to its ability Sturdy.
  • Roggenrola often holds an everstone as its held item.
  • When it sleeps its eye is still open; shares this same trait with Boldore.


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