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Rocket Scout
Rocket Scout
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kanto
Family: Unknown
Friends: Wendy, Jessie, James
Class: Scout, Team Rocket
First Appearance: Dues and Don'ts
Voice actor: Kayzie Rogers (English)

The Rocket Scout is a old lady who ventures around places to find new Team Rocket Members. Her only known Pokémon is a Delibird who sets traps for people. It is standing infront of travelers and they want to catch it, then when they try to it is unobtainable. She comes out and tell them how great Team Rocket is, and after she is finished, they usually want to join. Of course she lies about what they will get to do and all that. She lies then they always think they will do something amazing, and that is how all the villianous teams have so much grunts. And most teams have people like her. And she plays a very important role in Team Rocket.


Pokémon Information
Delibird serves as the fee collector of Team Rocket. It has appeared several times delivering packages and bills to Jessie, James and Meowth.


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