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Machamp XY
Type Rock
Rock Pokemon

Generation I's Rock-type Pokémon.

The Rock type ( いわタイプ Iwa taipu in Japanese) is one of the eighteen Pokémon elemental types.

Rock-type Pokémon stand out for their great defense to physical attacks, however, this type has many weaknesses, and Pokémon of this type are not very fast. Also, some Rock-type moves don't have great accuracy.

All Fossil Pokemon are of this type. Their fossils preserve enough material genetic to be worked with to bring them back to life, but, it can be known, that the Rock type was very abundant. They also have unique combinations to Pokémon of the present.

The Rock type is commonly combinated with the Ground type, so, they are usually confused, although they're not the same.

Famous Rock-type Pokémon Trainers include Brock, the first Gym Leader of Kanto; Roxanne, first Gym Leader of the Hoenn region; Roark, first Gym Leader in Sinnoh; and Grant, the second Kalos Gym Leader.

Abilities of Rock Pokémon



Known Rock Pokémon Trainers

HGSS Brock Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Roxanne Roark Grant Ujiyasu
Kanto Gym Leader Brock Hoenn Gym Leader Roxanne Sinnoh Gym Leader Roark Kalos Gym Leader Grant Cragspur Warlord Ujiyasu

Rock Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
074 Geodude 075 Graveler 076 Golem Ground
095 Onix Steelix Ground; Only Onix is Rock
111 Rhyhorn 112 Rhydon 464 Rhyperior Ground
138 Omanyte 139 Omastar Water
140 Kabuto 141 Kabutops Water
142142M Aerodactyl Flying
438 Bonsly 185 Sudowoodo
213 Shuckle Bug
Slugma 219 Magcargo Fire; Only Magcargo is Rock
222 Corsola Water
246 Larvitar 247 Pupitar 248248M Tyranitar Only Tyranitar is Dark instead of Ground
299 Nosepass 476 Probopass Only Probopass is Steel
304 Aron 305 Lairon 306 Aggron Steel; Only Mega Aggron isn't part Rock
337 Lunatone Psychic
338 Solrock Psychic
345 Lileep 346 Cradily Grass
347 Anorith 348 Armaldo Bug
369 Relicanth Water
377 Regirock
408 Cranidos 409 Rampardos
410 Shieldon 411 Bastiodon Steel
493 Arceus Stone Plate
524 Roggenrola 525 Boldore 526 Gigalith
557 Dwebble 558 Crustle Bug
564 Tirtouga 565 Carracosta Water
566 Archen 567 Archeops Flying
639 Terrakion Fighting
688Binacle 689Barbaracle Water
696Tyrunt 697Tyrantrum Dragon
698Amaura 699Aurorus Ice
703Carbink Fairy
719Diancie Fairy

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