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(ヒロシ Hiroshi)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Frodomar City (Dub only)
Region: Kanto
Friends: Ash, Misty, Brock
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: IL078: A Friend In Deed
Voice actor: Tara Sands (English)
Minami Takayama (Japanese)

Go Sparky!

–Ritchie in the anime

Ritchie is a young boy, friend, and rival of Ash Ketchum.




Season 1: Indigo League

He teamed up with Ash to get the Pokémon back which were stolen. He was then forced to battle Ash in the Indigo League and defeated him, as Ash's Charizard wouldn't obey him. He battled Assunta for the next round, but lost. He went to Ash to have few words about their loss and defeated Team Rocket, who wanted to take their Pikachu away.

Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands

Ritchie OI

Ritchie, in the opening scene of Adventures in the Orange Islands

Ritchie appeared in the opening scene of "Adventures in the Orange Islands" season, but did not appear in any of the episodes.

Season 5: Master Quest

Once in Johto he helped Ash save a baby Lugia and its mother from the clutches of the notorious Team Rocket.

Season EX: Chronicles

He was present in Pokémon Chronicles and has not been seen since. 


On hand

Pokémon Information
Sparky is Ritchie's Pikachu who is usually seen out of its Poké Ball. It was able to defeat Ash's Charizard after it was lazy.
Pokémon Information
Zippo is Ritchie's Charmeleon that first appeared as a Charmander. It defeated Ash's Pikachu but forfeited against his Charizard. Zippo reappeared as a Charmeleon when Ritchie met Ash again.
Pokémon Information
Happy is Ritchie's Butterfree that defeated Ash's Squirtle but lost to Ash's Pikachu.
Pokémon Information
Cruise was mostly used in fending off Team Rocket when they tried to steal Lugia.
Pokémon Information
Rose made an appearance in the special episode, Oaknapped.


Pokémon Information
No Image
Eevee was mentioned in the special, Oaknapped. It was not said to have a nickname, making it the only one of Ritchie's Pokémon to not be given one.


  • In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, during the contests, there is a contestant named Luis. He seems to be based on Ritchie because of his outfit and having a Pikachu nicknamed Sparky.
  • Ritchie mentioned in Oaknapped that he and Ash tend to catch the same Pokémon.
  • Ritchie deisgn is similar to Red from Generation I, he is a pallette anime swap for Red, the differents Red clothes are Red & White Jacket, Shoes, and Hat, while having blue pants, Ritchie has Blue & Yellow Hat, Green Jacket, Pants, possibly Blue, Green, or Purple Shoes, the point this that he wear the outfit as Red do in Generation I not Generation III on Generation I.
  • In Friend and Foe Alike, Ritchie battled Assunta, though it was not specified whose Tentacool and Spearow were.


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