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Rind Island

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Rind Island
タンカン島 Tankan-tō
Rind Island OI
Episode(s): OI028

Rind Island is a tiny deserted island in the northern region of the Orange Archipelago

Rind Island is one of the Islands in the Orange Archipeligo, and the setting for "OI028: The Wacky Watcher!". Magikarp are born around the waters of this island but leave as they mature. Once a year, no matter where they are, the Magikarp return here, and Dr. Quincy T. Quackenpoker returns here to study the Magikarp.

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Rind River

A river that moves out into the ocean and progresses through the whole island. Once a year, Magikarp come from all over the Orange islands come back here to their birthplace and after making them selfs stronger by swimming from all around, try swimming upstream to the peak of the river. They have to try to swim up currents and waterfalls to get to the peak. The ones that do get to the top, swim around in the lake at the top until nighttime, then half of them evolve into Gyarados. Once the evolution process has ended, they swim back downstream and leave.

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