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(ゲン Gen)
Riley manga adventures

25 or more (Emerald Chapter or Diamond and Pearl Chapter)

Gender: Male
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Unknown


Class: Pokémon Trainer
First Appearance:

Pokémon Adventures


When comparing his appearance with the anime or game, there isn't that much difference and he looks the same both the anime and manga.

Plot Overview

Emerald Chapter

Riley manga

Riley and his Lucario

Riley makes a brief appearance in the Pokémon Adventures manga, in the final chapter of the Emerald series. Riley is seen in S.S. Tide Rip, when Scott makes a wish to Jirachi.

Diamond and Pearl Chapter

He reappeared much later in the Diamond and Pearl chapter as Diamond's master during his Iron Island training. Their he also fought some grunts who were sent by team galactic. Afterwards he is seen again and is shown in the flashback that he fought against Sird.

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