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(Ryō リョウ)
Region: Hoenn
Class: Pokémon Hunter
First Appearance: AG006: A Poached Ego!
Voice actor: Marc Thompson (English)

Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)

Rico is a Pokémon Hunter. He had captured a variety of wild Ekans and Koffing until Team Rocket freed them. Officer Jenny arrested him with the help of Ash and co. He's in prison for now.


Every since he was about seven, his father had always punished him, saying he never worked har enough and never caught enough pokemon. Rico would then fight back, saying he worked as hard as he could. This would result in his father kiking him and screaming at him. Then, one day his father chased himout of the house, saying to never come back until he could be a worthy son. So, Rico travled around, catching as many differnt pokemon as he could. But, when Team Rocket freed his captured animals, he gave up, and let himself be taken to jail, for he couldn't face his father with only two new pokemon. Now, no one knows where his father is. Rico cries at knight, muffling his voice in his arms, for all he wants is to go home and make his father happy.

On Hand

Pokémon Information
Rico's Fearow
Fearow was Rico's main Pokémon it had appeared three times in the AG006 and it had lost battling against Jessie's Arbok twice and a bit later with Ash's Pikachu again. It's known moves are Agility, Fury Attack and Drill Peck.
Pokémon Information
Rico's Tyranitar
Tyranitar was firstly shown as a Puritar but a bit later it evolved causing a lot of damge to Team Rocket who had been hit from his massive Hyper Beam. It's known moves are Hyper Beam and Sandstorm.
Puritar → Tyranitar


Pokémon Information
Koffing and Ekans
They were capture from Rico.They escaped thanks to James' Weezing and Jessie's Arbok which also protect them.
Koffing and Ekans
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