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Rhonda Krempa
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Birth Date:
Gender: Female
Language: English
Notable Character(s): Kenny

Rhonda Krempa (born Natasha Malinsky) is a voice actress affiliated with TAJ Productions and later DuArt who provided voices for the Pokémon anime from Seasons 9 to 13, leaving halfway through Sinnoh League Victors.

Her two main roles (Kenny and Rhonda) were inherited by Bella Hudson following her departure.



  • Along with Emlyn Morinelli, she was previously based in Singapore and contributed voices to the Odex dub of One Piece before moving to the US.
    • She voiced both Nico Robin and Nefertari Vivi.
  • Despite sharing the same first name, it is highly unlikely that Rhonda of Sinnoh Now was named after her, as she was voiced by Sarah Natochenny in her first appearance.

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