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The Reviver Seed is a recurring item in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. When a Pokémon with the item master skill faints, the item is automatically used to revive the fainted Pokémon. Once used, it turns into a
Pmd seed
Plain Seed. Reviver Seeds can be bought for 800.

Locations in Explorers of Time, Darkness, & Sky

  • Mt. Bristle (all floors)
  • Waterfall Cave (all floors & in any shop)
  • Apple Woods (all floors & in any shop)
  • Craggy Coast (all floors & in any shop)
  • Mt. Horn (all floors & in any shop)
  • Foggy Forest (all floors)
  • Steam Cave (all floors)
  • Amp Plains (all floors & in any shop)
  • Crystal Cave (all floors & in shops 3F-11F)
  • Crystal Crossing (all floors & in shops 3F-13F)
  • Chasm Cave (all floors)
  • Dark Hill (all floors)
  • Sealed Ruin (all floors)
  • Dusk Forest (all floors)
  • Treeshroud Forest (all floors & in any shop)
  • Brine Cave (all floors)
  • Hidden Land (all floors)
  • Temporal Tower (all floors)
  • Mystifying Forest (all floors)
  • Labyrinth Cave (all floors)
  • Sky Peak (all floors & any shop)
  • Happy Outlook (all floors)
  • Mt. Mistral (all floors)
  • Shimmer Hill (all floors)
  • Midnight Forest (all floors)
  • Surrounded Sea (all floors)
  • Miracle Sea (all floors)
  • Aegis Cave (all floors)
  • Mt. Travail (any shop)
  • Spacial Rift (any floor)
  • Dark Crater (all floors)
  • Marine Resort (all floors)
  • Oblivion Forest (any shop)
  • Southeastern Islands (any shop)
  • Inferno Cave (any shop)
  • Zero Isle East (all floors except 20F & any shop)
  • Zero Isle West (all floors except 20F)
  • Zero Isle South (all floors & shops 1F-89F)
  • Zero Isle Center (all floors)
  • Final Maze (all floors)

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