A move's range determines how far and in what direction, or directions, the move will hit.


Front moves will attack a Pokémon that is in front of the attacker in any direction. Some moves have longer Front range than others, indicated by a number after the word Front. This range type will not cut corners.

Examples: Tackle, Absorb

Note: The move Quick Attack can go past an ally to hit the Pokémon two squares in front of it.

Front Cut

Front Cut moves will attack a Pokémon that is in front of the attacker in any direction. This works much like Front range, but it can cut corners.

Examples: Ember, Psywave

Room Allies

Room Ally moves will affect all allies in the same room. This will also affect allies in the same tunnel.

Examples: Agility

Room Enemies

Room Enemy moves will affect all enemies in the same room. It can also affect on-screen enemies when both the attacker and the target are in tunnels. while in a tunnel, only adjacent enemies in a room can be hit.

Example: Discharge, Sweet Scent


Burst moves hit all enemies one square away from the attacking Pokémon, and cut corners. Moves like Explosion are Burst 2, hitting all enemies within two squares of the attacker.

Examples: Thundershock, Dark Pulse


User moves will only affect the Pokémon using it.

Examples: Double Team

Line of Sight

Long Range moves will attack the first Pokémon that is in front of the attacker 10 squares in any direction. Line of Sight moves can cut corners.

Examples: BubbleBeam, Flamethrower


Blast moves will attack all Pokémon in front of the attacker up to ??? squares.


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