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|M3P3 = Grass Knot
|M3P3 = Grass Knot
|M4P2 = Poison Powder
|M4P2 = Poison Powder
|AbiP1 = Chlorophyll
|AbiP2 = Chlorophyll
|AbiP3 = Sap Sipper}}
*Ramos and Erika are both specialists in Grass-type pokemon.
*Ramos and Erika are both specialists in Grass-type pokemon.

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"The old growth is still in bloom!"
Hometown Coumarine City
Region Kalos
Badge Plant Badge
Preferred Type Grass
Family  ?
Friends  ?
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance Pokemon X and Y (Games)

Ramos is a Gym Leader appears in Pokémon X and Y. He will give you the Plant Badge after you beat him.


The player and Ramos


File:Jumpluff XY Sprite.png
 Type Grass Type Flying 
File:Weepinbell XY Sprite.png
 Type Grass Type Poison 
 Type Grass 
Lv. 30 - Lv. 31 - Lv. 34 - Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Sap Sipper Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Grass Knot Acid Take Down - - -
Leech Seed Grass Knot Bulldoze - - -
Acrobatics Gastro Acid Grass Knot - - -
- Poison Powder - - - -


  • Ramos and Erika are both specialists in Grass-type pokemon.
    • Ramos and Erika are also the fourth gym leader from their respective regions that the player faces.
  • Ramos is the second male grass type Gym Leader. The first was Cilan.
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