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Rain Dance
(あまごい Rain Prayer)
Generation: II
Battle Data
Type: Type Water
Category Type Status
Power: 0
Accuracy: 0
PP: 5
Affects: Selected target
Secondary Effect: Raises the power of Water-type attacks for five turns
Priority: 0
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
BrightPowder: No
Protect/Detect: No
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest data
Pokémon Contests (RSE)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 1
Jam: 0
Super Contests (DPPt)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Rain Dance (あまごい Rain Prayer) is a weather move introduced in Generation II. It is Water-type. It causes Heavy Rain for five turns. It is TM18.


In battle

The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns, powering up Water- type moves.


  • Powers up Water-type attacks by 1.5.
  • Powers down Fire-type attacks by 1.5.
  • Castform's Forecast ability changes its type to Water.
  • Weather Ball changes to Water-type and doubles in power.
  • Pokémon with the Swift Swim ability will double their speed.
  • Pokémon with the abilities Dry Skin and Rain Dish will recover HP every turn.
  • Pokémon with the Hydration ability will recover from status effects at the end of the turn.
  • Thunder always hits and can break Protect.
  • Hurricane always hits.
  • SolarBeam requires an extra turn to charge, and its power is reduced to half.
  • Synthesis, Morning Sun and Moonlight will recover 1/4 of total HP, instead of 1/2.
  • The Damp Rock increases the duration of the rain.

Abilities powered by Rain Dance

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