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|region = Hoenn
|name = Rachel
|image = Rachel_head_shot_2.jpg
|age = Between 25 and 30
|hometown = [[Mossdeep City]]
|family = [[Jin]] (Husband), [[Tate and Liza]] (Son and Daughter)
|friends = [[Ash]], [[May]], [[Max]], [[Brock]]
|firstappear = [[AG099: It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!]]
|voiceact = [[Lisa Ortiz]] (English)}}
'''Rachel''' is a character that appears in "Pokemon Advanced Battle". She is the mother [[File:Rachel_full_body_shot.jpg|thumb|left]]of [[Tate and Liza]]. She's not only an assistant to her astronaut husband, she is also the Pokémon Gym Judge of the Mossdeep Gym.
[[Category:Female Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]

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卐 卐 卐 卐

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