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Going to Eleven with Loudred & Exploud II (VS ドゴーム & バクオング II VS Loudred & Exploud II) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


Ruby has her fight against Courtney, whose flames leave nasty burns. Saving his Pokémon, Ruby has Mumu run off to make a new tactic to humiliate Courtney.

Chapter Plot

Courtney asks Ruby to join Team Magma. Suddenly, an explosion blows Courtney away, for someone used Hyper Voice. Ruby does not know why Courtney has invited him to join Team Magma, but sees his Pokémon are in trouble. His Pokémon are hurt, especially Mumu, whose skin starts flaking off. To keep Mumu's reserves, Ruby gives him the sweater. Ruby sees he cannot defeat Courtney yet. Ruby calls his Pokémon back and has Mumu run off. Courtney has Ninetales use Fire Spin, angry Ruby decides to be brave to save his Pokémon. She yells at him and has Ninetales burn him, for this act of heroism will cost his life, realizing one such as him does not belong to Team Magma.

Ruby stands up, replying he hates to be righteous and he is not an idiot to let himself be burned. Suddenly, Ruby goes up, claiming he will escape, while Courtney's hand is being raised up. Mumu goes onto the car, which Gabby, Ty, Riley and Wanda are. He pulls Ruby, who replies due to Hyper Voice, Courtney couldn't hear the car coming for them. He bids her farewell and slides onto the car, causing Courtney to be burned in her own flames. Later, Courtney walks away, being defeated and humiliated. He contacts Blaise to accept the task to obtain the Red Orb, as she has other things to do. Blaise knows already Courtney is after Ruby. Courtney confirms that, asking him to tell Maxie she will be gone for a period of time, wanting to defeat Ruby.

Blaise repairs the detector and notices the location of both the Red and Blue Orb lies on Mount Pyre. Ruby, however, has 36 days to acquire all ribbons.


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