RKS System (ARシステム AR System) is an ability introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Silvally.


RKS System allows Silvally to change its type based on which Memory Disc it is holding. The Memory Disc also changes the type of Silvally's signature move, Multi Attack, to match its current typing.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Memory type Obtained
#773 Silvally 773 No Memory Type Normal Natural
File:Bug Memory Sprite.png
Bug Memory
Type Bug
File:Dark Memory Sprite.png
Dark Memory
Type Dark
File:Dragon Memory Sprite.png
Dragon Memory
Type Dragon
File:Electric Memory Sprite.png
Electric Memory
Type Electric
File:Fighting Memory Sprite.png
Fighting Memory
Type Fighting
File:Fire Memory Sprite.png
Fire Memory
Type Fire
File:Flying Memory Sprite.png
Flying Memory
Type Flying
File:Ghost Memory Sprite.png
Ghost Memory
Type Ghost
File:Grass Memory Sprite.png
Grass Memory
Type Grass
File:Ground Memory Sprite.png
Ground Memory
Type Ground
File:Ice Memory Sprite.png
Ice Memory
Type Ice
File:Poison Memory Sprite.png
Poison Memory
Type Poison
File:Psychic Memory Sprite.png
Psychic Memory
Type Psychic
File:Rock Memory Sprite.png
Rock Memory
Type Rock
File:Steel Memory Sprite.png
Steel Memory
Type Steel
File:Water Memory Sprite.png
Water Memory
Type Water
File:Fairy Memory Sprite.png
Fairy Memory
Type Fairy


  • The name RKS System is a reference to Arceus, of which Silvally is a man-made copy of.
    • R-K-S is based on one pronunciation of "Arceus", as its English name variant, as it has also been pronounced "Ar-kee-us", "Ar-kay-us", or sometimes "Ar-see-us".
    • The Japanese name, AR System, references the latter pronunciation, however (ARsys), as that is the Japanese pronunciation of Arceus.
  • RKS System works similar to Multitype, however holding a Memory does not give a 20% boost to moves of that type, unlike Arceus' plates.
  • Unlike Arceus who can change its type while holding a Z-Crystal, Silvally does not and can only be a Normal-type when using a Z-move.