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What a Dragonite (VSカイリュー VS Dragonite) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 2.


Red is in a hunt for the Hidden Machines. He needs the HM, Surf, to get to Seafoam Islands. The guardian is a Dragonite, who uses fierce tactics against Red. Just when Red is about to give hope, a familiar face comes to save him.

Chapter Plot

Red dives with Poli and Krabby, using an itemfinder. Some time back, Oak told Red he gave Hidden Machines, devices that teach a Pokémon new moves. Oak remembers Red gave Cut to Saur, Flash to Pika and Strength to Snor. Red knows he has yet to find Surf and Fly, both of which Oak tells he will have to use them. Red knows he has to teach Surf in order to get to Seafoam Islands. Red also remembers Blue had Surf and gave it to Golduck. As he dives, Red notices HM03: Surf. However, Red notices some Water Pokémon moving away and encounters a Dragonite. The Dragonite uses its tail, sending Red, Poli and Krabby onto a rock out of the sea.

Red does not want to get in while Dragonite is around, but must go to Seafoam Islands. He thinks he should get Dragonite out of the water, so has his Pika distract it. Pika shocks Dragonite. Saur pulls Pika out of the water, which causes Dragonite to emerge. Snor battles the Dragonite, tackling it. Red slips away, but Dragonite's and Snor's weight causes the platform to crack. Red swims fast, but Dragonite notices him and uses a beam to crush the HM. Red has his foot stuck under the rocks and yells for Poli, then begins to drown. However, a Gyarados appears, who battles Dragonite. A young girl also assists Gyarados.

As this girl, a mermaid, carries Red, Gyarados and Dragonite battle. Red finds himself at the surface, surprised at this event, as a Starmie appears as he watches the battle. He sees that this may be his friend, who rescued him. Gyarados and Dragonite use Hyper Beam on each other. After the collision, Dragonite falls in defeat. The girl scolds Red, as he came for an item. She scolds him what'd happened if Gyarados didn't come, when he could've asked her for transport. Red and the girl wink, who is Misty.








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