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RGB001: A Glimpse of the Glow

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A Glimpse of the Glow (Japanese: VSミュウ VS Mew) is the first chapter in the entire Pokémon Adventures series in the book Pokémon Adventures.


This chapter features Red teaching a group of children how to catch a Pokémon by using his Poliwhirl to attack a Nidorino that a boy was trying to catch. There is also Blue who attempts to catch a Mew using his Charmander. Mew easily dodges the attack and instead of getting angry, Blue calmly calls Charmander back into its PokéBall. Red doesn't understand why Blue does this and confronts him and tries to attack Mew with Poliwhirl. Instead Blue tells Red that he was foolish to attack Mew as it was superior to his Poliwhirl.

Team Rocket is on the lookout for capturing Mew in this chapter but they only find Red after Mew ran away and they start shouting at him before themselves running away. At the end of the chapter, Red enters Professor Oak's Lab to try and get some advice from him.


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