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Quick Feet is an ability that increases speed by 50% when it has a status problem, such as Burn. This ability does not ignore paralysis' speed reducing effect. It also makes it less probable that you will come across wild Pokémon.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#135 Jolteon 135 Type Electric Dream World
#210 Granbull 210 Type Normal Natural
#216 Teddiursa 216 Type Normal Natural
#217 Ursaring 217 Type Normal Natural
#261 Poochyena 261 Type Dark Natural
#262 Mightyena 262 Type Dark Natural
#263 Zigzagoon 263 Type Normal Dream World
#264 Linoone 264 Type Normal Dream World
#285 Shroomish 285 Type Grass Dream World
#543 Venipede 543 Type BugType Poison Dream World
#544 Whirlipede 544 Type BugType Poison Dream World
#545 Scolipede 545 Type BugType Poison Dream World

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