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Quick Ball
Quick Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar 1000
Sell: Poké Dollar 500
First Appearance: Generation IV
Catch Rate: (4x to 1x)

The Quick Ball (クイックボール Quick Ball) is a Poké Ball that has a higher chance of capturing a Pokémon the earlier it is used in battle. At the beginning of the battle, its catch rate is 4x. If used on any turn after the first, it has a catch rate of 1x.

Catch Rate

  • 4x if used on the first turn
  • 1x other usage
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The Quick Ball has also been known to be able to catch lengendary pokemon, such as the lengendary pokemon, Cobalion, which is in Pokemon versions Black and White. Although because the results are not certain, we can't actually tell just how affective the Quick Ball is on lengendary pokemon.

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