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Queen of the Mirage Kingdom
King Queen Mirage
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mirage Kingdom
Region: Hoenn
Family: King of the Mirage Kingdom (husband), Princess Sara (daughter)
Friends: Miranda (caretaker), Colonel Hansen (formerly), Ash Ketchum, May, Misty, Max, Brock
Class: Queen
First Appearance: The Princess and the Togepi
Voice actor: Veronica Taylor

The Queen of the Mirage Kingdom is a minor character from Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Pokémon: Advanced Challenge

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The Queen, along with her husband, the King, and her daughter, Princess Sara, are the current rulers of the Mirage Kingdom some time after the King found the Togepi destined to allow him to claim the throne. The Queen, upon learning that her daughter has found a Togepi, thus enabling her to succeed her as Queen of the Mirage Kingdom in the future, joins her daughter in her bedroom, while Sara's guardian, Miranda, goes to tell the King of what happened. The King soon joins them and is overjoyed to see his daughter will now be able to become Queen after he steps down, but the happy moment for the royal family is interrupted by the arrival of Ash Ketchum and his friends, as the Togepi that Sara found actually belonged to Indigo Pokémon League Gym Leader Misty of Cerulean City in Kanto. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, the Queen returns to the throne room.

Later, she and her husband are shocked and furious when Colonel Hansen arrives with guards loyal to him to overthrow them in an attempted coup d'etat to claim the Mirage Kingdom throne for himself so he can then take over the Togepi Paradise. The two of them are locked up for some time before being found and rescued by Miranda, and Ash's friends, Indigo Pokémon League Pewter City Gym Leader Brock, and son of Hoenn Pokémon League Petalburg City Gym Leader Norman, Max, who had been tipped off to their whereabouts by Hansen's former allies, Team Rocket, who wanted revenge for being betrayed by Hansen. Following after Hansen is defeated with his Shedinja scorched by Misty's Gyarados, the Queen and her husband arrive with the royal guards to have Hansen arrested for his treason and sent to either serve life in prison, or be executed. It is presumed afterwards, when the Queen learns that Sara found her Togepi to allow her to claim the throne, that she was very proud of her, and when the King was no longer able to rule, Sara ascended to become Queen in her stead.



Pokémon Information
At some point, the Queen and King found a Togepi that bonded with them, allowing them to claim the Mirage Kingdom throne and rule until their daughter, Sara, found hers to claim the throne after they were no longer able to continue their rule.

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