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Q is a Water/Psychic-type glitch Pokémon specific to Pokemon Yellow. It evolves from 44Hy at level 6. It shares a Pokédex number, base stats, and most of its moveset with Starmie. When traded to Red and Blue, it becomes Charizard 'M.


Since it evolves from an only-Water Pokémon, and then becomes a Water-Psychic Pokémon, it is considered a hybrid of Starmie. It also has a similar move-set.

When Q evolves from 4 4HY it will be nicknamed HM55.

Q can learn "Super Glitch" at level 9, when activated in battle, the TMTRAINER effect starts.

Q is counted as the Cancel button, and can cause the Pokémon Hybrid/Merge glitch. Also Pokémon underneath Q, and including Q, will not be healed at a Pokémon Center and have to be healed with potions.

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