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Pyrite Cave can only be entered in Pokémon Colosseum, with the entrance to it being blocked off in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. When you enter the cave you will find yourself in a room containing St. Performer Simes. To the east of her is a chest containing 3 ethers, and a room to the north contains a chest with 2 hyper potions. Chaser Maiz will battle you when you go down the stairs. You will find stairs that take you up to a chest guarded by Chaser Rehan & Noxy which contains 3 ultra balls if you head east after beating him. The path to the north of those stairs is guarded by Rider Twan & it will lead you to a Full Heal & stairs going down to an area where you must battle Rider Sosh as you head west to arrive at a healing machine & PC. By going upstairs & heading north you will find the stairs leading to Miror B.'s room, which you must defeat Hunter Zalo to take. There is a path to the east that you can take to obtain items.


  • St Performer Simes: Anorith Lv 32, Lotad Lv 32
  • Chaser Maiz: Shroomish Lv 32, Koffing Lv 32, Ralts Lv 31
  • Chaser Rehan: Snorunt Lv 32, Geodude Lv 32, Lotad Lv 31, Slakoth Lv 31
  • Bandana Guy Noxy: Lotad Lv 32, Lotad Lv 33, Lotad Lv 33, Lotad Lv 33
  • Rider Twan: Numel Lv 32, Bagon Lv 33, Meditite(shadow) Lv 33
  • Hunter Valen: Lotad Lv 32, Slakoth Lv 32, Whismur Lv 33
  • Rider Sosh: Mareep Lv 34, Cacnea Lv 34, Dunsparce(shadow) Lv 33
  • Roller Boy Evat: Lotad Lv 32, Lombre Lv 33
  • Hunter Zalo: Lotad Lv 31, Beldum Lv 32, Lombre Lv 32, Swablu(shadow) Lv 33
  • Rider Derid: Pineco Lv 30, Koffing Lv 30, Shuppet Lv 33
  • Hunter Meli: Zigzagoon Lv 32, Zigzagoon Lv 32, Linoone Lv 33
  • Chaser Mela: Natu Lv 35, Tentacool Lv 32, Teddiursa Lv 32
  • Cipher Peon Sema: Spheal Lv 34, Lileep Lv 32, Dustox Lv 33
  • Cipher Admin Miror B: Ludicolo Lv 28, Ludicolo Lv 29, Ludicolo Lv 30, Ludicolo Lv 31, Shadow Sudowoodo Lv 35

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