The Puel Sea is a sea located south from Pueltown.


The sea has some deep chasms that can be crossed by using a Mantine due to its field move. Also Pokémon that live on the land can not be brought here and will wait on land until the player comes back. The Pokémon that are captured in the sea will wait until the player goes back into the sea and will join the player then. The player first goes here to recover the key from the bridge that connects Altru Park with Altru Building. The key is later taken by a Sharpedo and the player needs to chase the Sharpedo in order to get the key back.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Staryu Sprite Staryu PA Water SofA Water SOA Cut 1 Cut 1
PR Chinchou Sprite Chinchou PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 2 Recharge 2
PR Qwilfish Sprite Qwilfish PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 1 Soak 1
PR Corsola Sprite Corsola PA Water SofA Water SOA Crush 2 Crush 2
PR Mantine Sprite Mantine PA Water SofA Water SOA Swim Swim
PR Sharpedo Sprite Sharpedo PA Water SofA Water SOA Crush 4 Crush 4
PR Finneon Sprite Finneon PA Water SofA Water SOA Crush 1 Crush 1
PR Lumineon Sprite Lumineon PA Water SofA Water SOA Crush 2 Crush 2
PR Mantyke Sprite Mantyke PA Water SofA Water SOA Tackle 1 Tackle 1
Wild Pokémon

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