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Type Psychic

Psychic-type Pokémon generally have mental abilities associated with psychics in the real world, such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, mind appropriate abilities, etc. Psychic-type Pokémon are generally very powerful when using attacks that use the Special (Red, Blue, and Yellow) or Special Attack (Gold, Silver, and after) stats.

Abilities of Psychic Pokémon

Psychic-type Pokémon are weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost-type attacks but are highly effective against Fighting and Poison-types.

Known Psychic Pokémon Trainers

SabrinaB2W2 Will(HGSS)Sprite TateB2W2spriteLizaB2W2sprite LucianPlatinum Caitlin Kenshin Kanetsugu Gracia
Kanto Gym Leader Sabrina Johto Elite Four Will Hoenn Gym Leaders Tate and Liza Sinnoh Elite Four Lucian Unova Elite Four Caitlin Kalos Gym Leader Olympia Illusio Warlord Kenshin Warlord Servant Kanetsugu Warlord Servant Gracia

Psychic Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
063 Abra 064 Kadabra 065 Alakazam
065M Mega Alakazam
096 Drowzee 097 Hypno
079 Slowpoke 080 Slowbro Water
199 Slowking Water
102 Exeggcute 103 Exeggutor Grass
Template:Not from type 121 Starmie Water; Only Starmie is Psychic
439 Mime Jr. 122 Mr. Mime
238 Smoochum 124 Jynx Ice
150 Mewtwo
150M Mega Mewtwo X
150M2 Mega Mewtwo Y
Fighting; Only Mega Mewtwo X is part Fighting
151 Mew
177 Natu 178 Xatu Flying
Template:Not from type 196 Espeon Only Espeon is Psychic
201 Unown
360 Wynaut 202 Wobbuffet
203 Girafarig Normal
249 Lugia Flying
251 Celebi Grass
280 Ralts 281 Kirlia 282 Gardevoir
282M Mega Gardevoir
Fairy; Only Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir is part Fairy
475 Gallade Fighting; Only Gallade is part Fighting
307 Meditite 308 Medicham
308M Mega Medicham
325 Spoink 326 Grumpig
337 Lunatone Rock
338 Solrock Rock
343 Baltoy 344 Claydol Ground
433 Chingling 358 Chimecho
374 Beldum 375 Metang 376 Metagross Steel
380 Latias Dragon
381 Latios Dragon
385 Jirachi Steel
386A Deoxys (Normal Forme)
386B Deoxys (Attack Forme)
386C Deoxys (Defense Forme)
386D Deoxys (Speed Forme)
436 Bronzor 437 Bronzong Steel
480 Uxie
481 Mesprit
482 Azelf
488 Cresselia
494 Victini Fire
517 Munna 518 Musharna
527 Woobat 528 Swoobat Flying
Template:Not from type 555A Darmanitan Fire; Only Darmanitan's Zen Mode is part Psychic
Template:Not from type Fire
561 Sigilyph Flying
574 Gothita 575 Gothorita 576 Gothitelle
577 Solosis 578 Duosion 579 Reuniclus
605 Elgyem 606 Beheeyem
648 Meloetta Normal; Only the Aria form is Psychic
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 655Delphox Fire; Only Delphox is part Psychic
677Espurr 678678-fMeowstic
686Inkay 687Malamar Dark


Delta Species Psychic Pokémon

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