This Swinub is an ice/ground-type Pokémon owned by Pryce.


Swinub was with Pryce, who received news that Green and Silver escaped from his fortress.[1]

Pryce and Swinub assisted Whitney and Miltank in capturing Suicune. Swinub fired Power Snow; Suicune redirected the attack with Mirror Coat, which Miltank absorbed and used Heal Bell to heal herself. After Swinub used Blizzard, Miltank used Dynamic Punch on Suicune for Whitney to catch it.[2]

Swinub was sent to battle Erika's Bellossom. Bellossom started with Petal Dance, which Swinub managed to freeze with Powder Snow. Erika swapped her Bellossom with Skiploom, who used Stun Spore on Pryce's Swinub. Swinub retaliated with Powder Snow, though Swinub regained its health with Synthesis. Just as Erika believed in her victory with her strategy, Skiploom was mysteriously defeated. Pryce claimed his attack was hidden by indifference, for his Swinub released ice on the petals, which spinned around and affected Skiploom, thus freezing it.[3]

Just as Gold managed to hit the Masked Man's face, the mask cracked, showing the Masked Man was Pryce, who held Swinub in his lap.[4] After hitting Gold, Pryce retreated with his Swinub away, using the GS Ball the former had crafted.[5] Pryce managed to arrive to the Ilex Shrine with Swinub, but faced the Pokédex Holders.[6] After distracting them with his ice soldiers, Pryce and Swinub went into the Ilex Shrine to save La Glace's parents. Gold went after them and had his Pichu strike at Pryce's GS Ball. Fortunately, La Glace met up with its parents, La Pris and La Prus; Gold and Pichu were rescued out of the time vortex, while Pryce and Swinub were sealed away.[7]

Known movesEdit

Move Episode/Chapter
Pryce's Swinub Powder Snow
Blizzard Savvy Swinub
Powder Snow Savvy Swinub
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.