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This Zubat is a poison/flying-type Pokémon owned by Proton.


Zubat was seen with Proton's Weezing when Proton was looking for the Sinjoh Ruins at Team Rocket HQ.[1]

With the other Executives, he used Zubat to fly to the portal leading to Sinjoh Ruins.[2] As they got to the Sinjoh Ruins, Archer had Zubat, his own Crobat and the Executives other Pokémon bring Arceus over to the Mystri Stage.[2][3]

Once Gold, Silver and Crystal arrived, they had a battle with Petrel, Proton and Ariana, but Archer used the Splash Plate, which abruptly ended the battle due to a big wave of water caused by Arceus, as the executives managed to fly above the wave.[3]

As the creation of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina was going on, Zubat held Proton in the air.[4]

Known moves

None of Zubat's moves are known.


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