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(In the anime)
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==In the anime==
==In the anime==
<gallery captionalign="left">
Armaldo Protect.png|[[Armaldo]]
Armaldo Protect.png|[[Armaldo]]
Cherubi Protect.png|[[Cherubi]]
Cherubi Protect.png|[[Cherubi]]
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Electabuzz Protect.png|[[Electabuzz]]
Electabuzz Protect.png|[[Electabuzz]]
Electivire Protect.png|[[Electivire]]
Electivire Protect.png|[[Electivire]]
Lake guardians protect.png|[[Azelf]], [[Mesprit]] and [[Uxie]]
Lake guardians protect.png|[[Azelf]], [[Mesprit]], and [[Uxie]]
Lenora Herdier Protect.png|[[Herdier]]
Lenora Herdier Protect.png|[[Herdier]]
Lopunny Protect.png|[[Lopunny]]
Lopunny Protect.png|[[Lopunny]]

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Protect Move Game
(まもる Protect)
Generation: II
Battle Data
Type: Type Normal
Category Type Status
Accuracy: —%
PP: 10*
Affects: User
Secondary Effect: None
Priority: +3
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
BrightPowder: No
Protect/Detect: No
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Type: Type Cute
Appeal: 1
Jam: 0
Super Contests (DPPt)
Type: Type Cute
Appeal: 0
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Type Cute
Appeal: 1
Jam: 1
Protect (まもる Protect) is a Normal-type move introduced in Generation II. Although it makes the Pokémon virtually invincible to most attacks, it does not protect it from Shadow Force, Thunder while Rain Dance is in effect, Blizzard while Hail is in effect, and Feint, an anti-protection move. It also does not protect it from indirect weather damage, such as Hail and Sandstorm.

After being protected from Protect, the user can use it again. However, the chances of it protecting your Pokémon are decreased every time you use it in a succesion, but will return to normal upon use of a different move or switching out. It can be broken eventually without the use of any special moves, but it will take a bit of time.


D/P: It enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is use in succession. All Pokémon can learn this move, only with a few exceptions.


Category: Status

Power: --

Accuracy: --

PP: 10

It cannot Protect against a Pokémon with No Guard while using a STAB, or Thunder/Blizzard when it is Raining/Hailing it will have a 50% chance of breaking it. It will also be broken by Feint or Shadow Force.


Category: Cute

Appeal: 1

Jam: 0

Can avoid being started by others.


Generation II

By Leveling up

Squirtle at Lv. 28

Wartortle at Lv. 31

Blastoise at Lv. 31

Shellder at Lv. 25

Cloyster at Lv. --

Krabby at Lv. 34

Kingler at Lv. 38

Omanyte at Lv. 37

Omastar at Lv. 37

Pineco at Lv. --

Forretress at Lv. --

In the anime


  • It is the first move that protects the user ever created, and the second one is Detect. After some time, Nintendo created new Protection moves in Generation V, the first named Wide Guard, which protects against attacks that hit the Pokèmon surrounding the user (Ex. Flame burst), and Quick Guard, which protects against attacks that strike first (Ex. Quick Attack, ExtremeSpeed)
  • First hit moves, suck as Quick Attack, hit after this move. Most people find this move annoying (well, I do... RTA fan (talk) 12:42, May 2, 2013 (UTC))

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