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====On Hand====
====On Hand====
|type2 = ground
|type = dragon
|image = Sycamore Garchomp-1-.png
|nameline = [[Professor Sycamore's Garchomp|Garchomp]]
|gender = female}}
====Given Away====
====Given Away====

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Professor Sycamore
プラターヌ Dr. Purataanu
Sycamore-Pokemon-X-and Y
Name: Professor Sycamore
Japanese Name: プラターヌ Dr. Purataanu
Hometown: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Advanced Information
Game(s): Pokémon X and Y
Friend(s):  ?
Debut Generation: VI
Class: Professor
Anime Appearance:
  • ?
Voice actor:  ?

Professor Augustine Sycamore (Japanese: プラターヌ Dr. Purataanu) is the regional Pokémon professor of Pokémon X and Y, situated in the Kalos region.

Plot Overview

In the Games

Professor Sycamore was a student to Professor Rowan two years before moving to Kalos.

In the Anime



On Hand

Pokémon Information
Sycamore Garchomp-1-
No information available

Given Away


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