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Professor Sycamore
(プラターヌ Dr. Purataanu)
Professor Sycamore XY
Hometown: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Advanced Information
Game(s): Pokémon X & Y
Debut Generation: VI
Class: Professor
Anime Appearance:
Voice actor: Hiroshi Tsuchida (Japanese)
Jake Paque (English)

Professor Augustine Sycamore is the regional Pokémon professor of Pokémon X and Y, situated in the Kalos region.





Main Games

X & Y

Professor Sycamore was a student to Professor Rowan two years before moving to Kalos. He later studied at the Tower of Mastery in the hopes of learning to wield Mega Evolution, but decided that he was not strong enough, and left to become a Pokemon Professor. 

He is characterized by his dark, unkempt hair, and the trademark white labcoat of all Pokemon Professors. He is noticably younger than most Pokemon Professors in the series, and is even described in-game by a Backpacker NPC as an "eccentric ladies' man." He seems to be fluent in both French and English.


Main Series

Ash first encounters Professor Sycamore shortly after meeting Clemont and Bonnie, as he rushes to get Froakie's necessary medical attention after being attacked by Team Rocket. The Professor then gives him a Kalos Pokedex and sends Froakie with him on his journey. Sycamore also gives Serena her Fennekin and her Pokedex when she begins her search for Ash, and offers her advice on where to find him. 

Professor Sycamore conducts studies on Mega Evolution at his laboratory in Lumiose City, and as a result, is targeted by Team Rocket in an effort to master Mega Evolution themselves. He is captured by Jessie, James, and Meowth, along with Serena and Bonnie. Although initially refusing to hand over his data on Mega Evolution, he surrenders it to Team Rocket when they threaten Serena and Bonnie. When asked why he gave up his research findings, he tells Serena that keeping her and Bonnie safe was more important to him than his studies, revealing a certain loyalty to his pupils and a desire to protect those he watches over. The three of them are later rescued by Ash, Clemont, and Chespin, and the data is recovered from Team Rocket. He then sends Chespin off with Clemont, and bids farewell to Ash and co. once again. 

He makes a few minor appearances in later episodes, studying Diantha's Gardevoir, and running the Kalos Pokemon Summer Camp.


Battle VS Scene for XY
XY VSSycamore



Main Games

Starter Pokémon


Chespin XY
Fennekin XY
Froakie XY


Main Series

On hand
Pokémon Information
Sycamore Garchomp-1-
Garchomp was the first Pokémon shown to be owned by Professor Sycamore. It is very strong Pokémon. When Team Rocket made it out of control in Lumiose City Pursuit!, Ash helped to retrieve it.
Given away
Pokémon Information
Ash's Froakie
This Froakie was first met in the first episode of the anime in Kalos, where it saves Pikachu from Team Rocket. in the fight Froakie was injured badly, and was taken to Professor Sycamore's pokemon lab, so as to be healed. whilst there, you learn that Froakie abandoned it's trainer as it did not like them. Later, Froakie helps Ash Ketchum and Pikachu save Garchomp when it goes on a rampage. When they calm Garchomp down, Froakie decides to travel with Ash, and so Ash catches it.
Pokémon Information
Serena's Fennekin
In the anime, Serena chose this Fennekin after traveling to the professors lab from Vaniville town. They then travel to Santalune city where she meets Ash. On the way, Fennekin saves her from an angry Vespiquen.
Pokémon Information
Clemont's Chespin
Chespin followed Clemont, so Professor Sycamore gave Chespin's Poké Ball to Clemont.
Pokémon Information
Alan Charmander
Professor Sycamore gave Charmander to Alain as his starter Pokémon so he can begin his journey to battle all Mega Evolutions in the Kalos region thus helping it become Mega Charizard X.
Pokémon Information
Professor Sycamore gave Chespin to Mairin as her starter Pokémon and she nicknamed it Chespie.
Pokémon Information
Tierno Squirtle
Professor Sycamore gave Squirtle to Tierno as his starter Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Shauna Bulbasaur
Professor Sycamore gave Bulbasaur to Shauna as her starter Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Trevor Charmander
Professor Sycamore gave Charmander to Trevor as his starter Pokémon.


  • He is the first regional professor to battle the player in the games.
    • However, the first one planned was Prof. Oak, whom there would have been an option to battle after the Pokémon League was ended.


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