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Professor Malveaux
(マーブル博士 Dr. Marble)
Gender: Male
Region: Unova
Friends: Case, Ash Ketchum, Iris, Cilan
Class: Director of the Ferroseed Research Institute
First Appearance: Crisis at Ferroseed Research!
Voice actor: Sean Schemmel

Professor Malveaux is a character appearing in Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies.


Season 15: BW Rival Destinies

Director of the Ferroiseed Research Institute, Professor Malveux has hired scientists to test Ferroseed to develop certain chemicals to improve a Pokémon's stats. However, the Ferroseed began acting strangely and moss has multiplied. Malveaux came to investigate the situation and gave permission to hit the moss using ice-type attacks.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
BW083 Crisis at Ferroseed Research!

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