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Professor Ivy
(ウチキド博士 Dr. Uchikido)
Professor Ivy
Hometown: Valencia Island
Region: Orange Islands
Advanced Information
Game(s): None
Relative(s): Unknown
Friend(s): Ash
Debut Generation: I
Class: Professor
Anime Appearance:
Voice actor: Kayzie Rogers (English)

Keiko Han (Japanese)

Professor Felina Ivy is a Pokémon Professor from the Orange Islands. She only appeared in the anime and the film, Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Brock developed a major crush on Professor Ivy and refused to leave her side.

Ash and Misty allowed Brock to study under Professor Ivy while they went on another Pokémon adventure. Over the time of Brock's absence, his character was replaced with Tracey, a Pokémon artist and watcher. Tracey traveled with the team through the Orange League saga. However, after Ash won the championship, Tracey announced that he would stay with Professor Oak and study under him as his pupil. Brock then returned and said that he wanted to join the group again. Ash and Misty asked why he had left Professor Ivy, but once they did, Brock curled up into a ball and said "Don't mention that name..." This was a running gag throughout the next few episodes. It was never determined why he left her, but it can only be assumed that she rejected him and broke his heart like many of the other girls Brock has developed a crush on, though she may have done it more harshly than others.



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