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Professor Fuji
(Dr. Fuji)
[[File:File:300px-Dr Fuji.png|125px]]
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kanto
Family: Amber Fuji (Daughter, Dead), Wife (Divorced)
Friends: Amber
Class: Head Scientist, before dying.
First Appearance: The Birth of Mewtwo
Voice actor: Maddie Blaustein (English)

Professor Fuji is the head scientist of Team Rocket. He is the Leader of the scientists who created Mewtwo. His only line in the movie is "We dreamed of creating the worlds strongest Pokémon, And we succeeded. That was his last words before he died when Mewtwo destroyed that island where Team Rocket's scientific base. He also was in the birth of Mewtwo where he was the narrarator. He did not create Mewtwo for money, even though he got it he did that as a test to see what cloning would be like, because he wanted most of all to bring his daughter back, Amber. He messed up on one of his expierments and he put her in a black and white world. He could watch her live and he wanted to be the last one living to bring her back. She was not, Mewtwo was. Later, all his studies gained the attention of Giovanni, who said he would fund Fuji's project if Fuji also cloned the legendary Pokémon, Mew. This resulted in the creation of Mewtwo.

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