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Professor Elm's Sentret
Dr. Utsugi's Otachi
Professor Elm's Sentret
Trainer: Professor Elm
Debut: Who Gives a Hoothoot?
Current location: With Professor Elm

Professor Elm's Sentret is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Professor Elm.


Sentret was with the professor when the Totodile theft happened.[1][2] It was also with the professor at the hospital, who was contacted by Gold.[3] It was also present at the screen when the professor was contacted by his assistant about the egg.[4]

Sentret and Joey listened to the Goldenrod Radio Station and were shocked to hear Gold bickering with Whitney.[5] Sentret was with Elm, who contacted Gold about the egg, which hatched into a Togepi.[6] Sentret, Joey and Elm were worried about Gold, who fought against the Masked Man. Elm warned Gold that the Masked Man was actually a strong trainer, whose mask was created by the same material as Gym Badges were.[7]

After the Gym Leaders tournament, Elm, his assistant, Joey and their Pokémon listened to the radio broadcast and feared what happened to Gold.[8]

Known moves

None of Sentret's moves are known.


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