For the variant appearing in the games, see Professor Cozmo.

Professor Cozmo is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Cozmo is a middle-aged man, who has short, brown hair and wears round glasses. Professor Cozmo wears a yellow collared shirt with a white button on the chest, a teal sleeveless jacket, grey pants and black boots. He also carries a grey backpack.


Cozmo is a researcher, who studies asteroids and meteorites. He feels a lot of mysteries in the world are left unexplained, hence why he chose to become a scientist to study rocks coming from space. Cozmo is also brave and honorable to destroy the same rock he wishes to study, else it would've been misused for dark purposes.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Cozmo was visiting Mt. Chimney to find a meteorite. Cozmo managed to find it, but was ambushed by Team Magma members, who also confronted Team Magma forces. The researcher took the opportunity and fled, causing both teams to send their grunts to find the researcher and take his meteorite. As Ash was searching for the technical team to fix the cable cart (which got stuck halfway up to Mt. Chimney), he bumped into Cozmo. They hid themselves from Team Magma, then Cozmo introduced himself and explained the meteorite. Cozmo gave Ash the meteorite, who was surprised how heavy the rock was. Suddenly, the meteorite was taken by Team Magma, who placed it in the laser to awaken the Mt. Chimney volcano. Cozmo managed to distract the grunts, while Ash started attacking the laser. Tabitha, commander of Team Magma, went to attack, but was tackled by Cozmo, who pushed the laser (which contained the meteorite) into the volcano. Once Team Magma departed off, Cozmo and Ash met up with Brock, May and Max. Cozmo gave directions to Lavaridge Town and wished Ash luck in his upcoming Gym match.[1]

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