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Professor Burnet is a Pokémon researcher from the 3DS app Pokémon Dream Radar.


Professor Burnet is a women with Medium-Short white spiky hair pointing backwards (Mostly due to big strap of her googles), and Yellow eyes She wears black Hi-tech suit under her lab coat. She has goggles equipped with targeting system. Rest of her outit is formed by White gloves and white loose boots with orange stripe


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The player must help her to gather a lot of Dream Orbs so that she can create useful extensions. Those are able to help the player with various things and discover more information about Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus in their Therian Forme.

Sun and Moon

Professor Burnet also makes an appearance in the Gen VII games Sun and Moon, working at the Dimensional Laboratory on Akala Island. It's also revealed that Professor Burnet is married to Professor Kukui.

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