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Professor Brown
(ブラウン博士 Dr. Brown)
Professor Brown
Gender: Male
Region: Hoenn
Class: Scientist
Friends: Kate, Jessie, James
First Appearance: We're No Angels!
Voice actor: Matt Hoverman

Professor Brown is a minor character from Pokémon Chronicles.


Professor Brown was the scientist, who moved inside a tower close to a village. He wanted to meet the villagers, but was too shy and sent his robots to offer certain services. The villagers were scared of the robots and had Team Rocket go inside the tower and defeat the scientist. Brown was too shy, but seeing a flock of Taillow going to eat off the village's crops, used his devices to power up Team Rocket's robot and defeat the Taillow. After the battle, the villagers were glad Brown saved the crops and he became the hero.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
PC008 We're No Angels!

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