A Pokémon Professor (Japanese: ポケモン博士 Pokémon Expert) is a veritable expert on the Pokémon World. They are known for giving rookie Trainers their Starter Pokémon. All of the Professors from the main Pokémon series are named after a plant, tree or shrub: Professors Oak, Elm, Ivy, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, and Kukui, as well as Pokemon Go's Professor Willow . The Professors are also responsible for the distribution of the Pokédex.

List of Pokémon Professors

  • Professor Samuel Oak, who heralds from the Kanto region. His specialty is the study of the relationships between people and Pokémon.
  • Professor Elm, who heralds from the Johto region. His specialty is the study of breeding patterns and interactions between Pokémon.
  • Professor Birch, who heralds from the Hoenn region. His specialty is the study of Pokémon habitats in correlation with human existences.
  • Professor Rowan, who heralds from the Sinnoh region. His specialty is the study of Pokémon evolutionary patterns.
  • Professor Aurea Juniper, who heralds from the Unova region. Her specialty is the study of Pokémon origins in relation to mythology.
  • Cedric Juniper, a former Pokémon Professor and father of Professor Juniper.
  • Professor Augustine Sycamore, who heralds from the Kalos region. His specialty is the study of the new type of evolution: "Mega Evolution".
  • Professor Kukui, who heralds from the Alola region. His specialty is the study of Pokémon moves and will sometimes get himself hit to study the moves.
  • Professor Willow, who rules the world of Pokemon Go
  • Professor Samson Oak, the cousin of Samuel Oak. He studies regional variants in the Alola region.
  • Professor Burnet, her specialty is alternate dimensions. Formerly the Interdream Zone and currently the Ultra Wormhole. She is also the wife of Professor Kukui.
  • Professor Krane, who has only appeared in Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness (which takes place in the Orre region). Taking after his fathers studies he specializes in the purification of Shadow Pokémon.

Anime Only

In the series' extensive medium, there are a variety of Pokémon Professors, many of which stem from the Pokémon anime. This is a comprehensive list of such professors, whose role is limited to being in the anime only.


Conversely, there are also Pokémon Professors whose role is limited to being featured in manga-related material. Such persons will be listed here.


  • Although most Pokémon Professors are named after trees (For example, Oak, Elm, Birch, etc.), the Pokémon Professors in games outside of the main series versions do not follow this pattern.
  • Professor Juniper is currently the only female main series professor.
  • Professor Sycamore and Professor Kukui are the only Professors that can be directly battled in-game.
  • Professor Sycamore is the only Professor that gives the Trainer a starter Pokémon from a different region (Kanto's starters, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander).

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