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Princess Sara
(セーラ姫 Princess Sara)
Princess Sara
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mirage Kingdom
Region: Hoenn
Family: King of the Mirage Kingdom (father)
Queen of the Mirage Kingdom (mother)
Class: Princess of the Mirage Kingdom
Friends: Miranda (caretaker), Colonel Hansen (formerly), Ash Ketchum, May, Misty, Max, Brock
First Appearance: The Princess and the Togepi
Voice actor: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese)
Tara Sands (English)

Princess Sara is a minor character from Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Princess Sara, along with her parents, the King and Queen of the Mirage Kingdom, find themselves involved in an attempted coup d'etat by the magistrate of the Mirage Kingdom, Colonel Hansen, who wants to take over both the Mirage Kingdom and the Togepi Paradise that the kingdom is sworn to protect. She is relaxing by the garden fountain when she notices an airship arriving at the kingdom's airport, not realizing that on board were Ash and his friends, along with Hansen's fellow conspirators, Team Rocket. Later, as she is tending to the flowers with her guardian, Miranda, she finds a Togepi, badly injured, having just landed in the fountain. After showing it to Miranda, Sara believes it is the Togepi she needs to become Queen after her parents step down from the throne. As she is showing the Togepi to her parents later on after tending to its injuries, it is then she and her parents meet Ash and his friends from his journeys through Kanto and Johto: Misty, Brock, May, and Max. After it is revealed that the Togepi that Sara found is actually Misty's, Sara explains about why Togepi are so sacred in the Mirage Kingdom, before asking Misty and the others to leave before Misty's Togepi can be used for evil purposes. However, before they can leave, Colonel Hansen appears with Team Rocket to capture Misty's Togepi.

During when Misty's Togepi protects everyone from an attack from Hansen's Shedinja and Ninjask, Sara is transported to the Togepi Paradise with Miranda and all of Ash's friends, and is horrified to see how Hansen's evil intentions are causing the paradise to become a dying landscape as a result. Soon, Misty's Togepi is taken back into the Mirage Kingdom, leaving Sara and the others trapped in the Togepi Paradise, until the Togepi there are able to transport them back to the Mirage Kingdom as well, only to learn by then that Hansen's coup has succeeded as Sara's parents have been locked up in the dungeon, and Hansen is using Misty's Togepi to name himself the new King. Deciding to split up to try and stop Hansen and save Sara's parents, Sara goes with Ash, Misty, and May, while Brock and Max go with Miranda. They encounter Hansen as he tries to open up the portal to the Togepi Paradise, and engage him in battle. Ash's Pikachu is easily able to take down Hansen's two Ninjask, but due to his Shedinja's Wonder Guard ability preventing any damage save for its weaknesses, things seem hopeless, until Misty's Togepi protects everyone, then with the aid of the Togepi from the Togepi Paradise, evolves into Togetic, before Misty is able to take down Shedinja with her Gyarados and its Flamethrower, due to Shedinja being weak to Fire-type moves. Sara's parents, having been found and released by Miranda, Brock, and Max, arrive to have Hansen arrested for his treason and led away to possibly be imprisoned for life, or executed.

That evening, as Misty bids her Togetic a tearful goodbye as she releases it to remain in the Mirage Kingdom to defend it and the Togepi Paradise from future threats, one of the Togepi remains behind. It turns out, that Togepi is the one destined for Sara so she can become Queen. With her future as the next Queen of the Mirage Kingdom now ensured, Sara is grateful to Ash and his friends for all they've done to help her and her kingdom out and wishes them good luck on their journeys.


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Princess Sara Togepi
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