Princess Allie is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: XY.


Season 17: XY

XY018 8

Princess Allie shocked to see her Furfrou's fur spoiled.

Princess Allie is the owner of her own mansion. Due to her spoiled nature, she took away Count Shabboneau's Poké Flute, even if he was actually in debt to her father. Since the Flute was to be used to wake up a Snorlax near Shabboneau Castle, the heroes went to retrieve the Flute from Allie. Allie came to the heroes, calling them as "garbage", but took an interest into Ash's Pikachu. Since Ash refused to trade Pikachu for money, Allie battled him, using her own Furfrou. However, Pikachu hit Furfrou, so Allie canceled the match, since Furfrou's hair has been messed up. Allie still refused to hand over the Flute, so Clemont was angry at her selfishness. Allie was charmed and gave the Flute back, but took Clemont into her mansion. Before the day ended, however, Clemont escaped, leaving a dummy, which exploded as soon as Allie approached it.


On hand

Princess Allie's Furfrou

Episode appearances

Episode Title
XY018 Awakening the Sleeping Giant!
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